Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Craft Swap!!

Excitement Plus right now!!

I applied to be part of the the CHA (Contemporary Handmade Alliance) Craft swap. To be completely honest I only knew about it when they announced application via email last week....
Check it out You guys  should do it too!!

Still...I'm very excited, and have been allocated a swap buddy with whom I made contact with yesterday. She makes the most adorable little kids clothes, you should so check them out on her website prettypickings, she uses gorgeous vintage fabrics, embroidery and applique.

So the deal is:
You each make and swap an item that you would price between $30 and $50.

Create an item for an adult- well for your swap partner (doesn't have to be what you make in your store, you can try something new!)

Send them off to their new home before the end of the July.

Then wait by the mailbox...for your little parcel!!!

So the question is what will I make for her?? I could do a whole bunch of new lines I'd like to try out, or I could send off a batch of the top sellers, or try something completely different.
I already posed the question to my swap buddy and she hasn't got anything in mind yet, (although she has admired the decorated oreos) sooo.... what do you think?

The second part to that question is should I ask for something specific, or leave it up to my swap buddy. I always have something that is waiting to be sewn- like the bunting I need to make for the market, I could just ask for that, or be like a kid at Christmas waiting for the unknown.



  1. Be the little kid at christmas!! surprise swap!!!

    Also, peanut butter bombs...for sure. they are without a doubt, my absolute favourites. and the shortbread....and the oreos...ok. i don't think i'm being much help here.

    Surprise parcels are the best ones :)

  2. I agree, it's much more fun if you don't know what's coming!

  3. You know what, of course you guys are right, I love that anticipation, the wonder- you know I may just do a Christmas in July kinda thing just to go with it!! maybe...