Sunday, 29 July 2012

#photoadayjuly 29 last thing you bought

Does anyone else love this milk?
Most of the time we buy a2, but when I can't get it (for example when we run out, and I walk across the road to our 'friendly grocer' (no really, that's the actual name of the store :) instead of taking a 10 minute drive, just to get milk- plus I like the excuse to get the kids and go for a walk!), then this is the next best stuff, plus the farm is just down the road (well about 15 minutes away), so I feel it's good community spirit.

Do you guys support local families in business in your area, do you go to your local butcher, fruit store, etc...I do.

Or is it just easier to get it all in one place? (even though the quality is blergkth)


Do you like to go to the markets and get fresh organic stuff on the weekend (I did last weekend, and YUM! I suppose it helped I was there, and the guys next to me were selling organic veggies!)

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