Friday, 17 August 2012

CHA craft swap update! What I swapped.

So it is time to update you all on the craft swap. If you'd like to read about it in more detail here is my first post.

So the rules were to make something for your craft swap partner, being of value within the price range of $30 -$50.
Check that off the list!

I have been excitedly designing and preparing according to Zoe's ideas. Zoe sews adorable little girls clothes, and does some gorgeous embroidery to feature on her items too! You can find Zoe's creations on her FB page or at Pretty

Zoe takes her wares to various markets, and was hoping to use the cookies I made as a giveaway with purchases at the Sydney style markets in Leichart this weekend.
So the theme for the cookies was based on her brand logoProfile Picture

I chose the different aspects of the logo to feature in a few designs...

The apple tree is so cute, so I made two versions, one with a fondant topper, and the other version with textured royal icing.

Cookie POPS! a so popular with my customers, and I have a sweet little birdie cutter, so that option was a definite...

and I wanted to incorporate her brand name also, so I used the rubber letter stampers with edible ink to stamp Pretty Pickings on a cookie a little larger than business card, and accented it with the red and pink bunting that drapes across the lettering.

I had also made some flower cookie POPS! and when I sent the photos through to Zoe I didn't realise I'd sent these too, so I popped a few of those in too.

What do you think, I felt pretty pleased with these 'Pretty Pickings'! I even popped in a couple of extra cookie pops for Zoe's little ones, and some oreos for Zoe, just in case she had time for a tea break!

I hope you have a very successful day at the markets Zoe!


  1. They arrived today Rachel and they are fabulous - I have some very lucky customers! Thank you so much!!! I hope you like my offerings!

    1. Glad to hear Zoe! On Monday will be part three of the craft swap series featuring your generous offerings, so stay tuned!