Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Make it! Christmas decoration: Snow family bauble

I was hoping to have another bread review for last week, but things have not gone as planned (when do they?).
So instead I thought I might share an easy decoration that you can make with the little ones (or not so little ones, or you can do it too cos you know what? It's a bit of fun!


I love the simplicity of these baubles, and although I don't have a step by step photo process, I'm sure you'll get it!

Materials needed:

Baubles (however many you wish to decorate)
white paint and small cup
sponge or brush to apply paint
fine tip black permanent marker (I think a non-permanent could also work well)
fine tip red permanent marker
Wet cloth to wipe hands clean afterwards
a place to hang bauble while paint dries (I  used a clothes airer and a peg, but you could just hang them on the tree if you dare!)
to wrap:
silver cupcake/ muffin patty pans


If you have chosen the sponge to apply the paint, moisten it slightly (not wet, just flexible and absorbent).
Place about 3Tablespoons worth of white paint in your paint cup.
Have the cloth wet and ready for little painty hands
Coat your child's fingers and thumb evenly, and almost sparingly (having too much paint on their hands takes the characteristics away from the snow families bodies) with the white paint.
Ask your child to hold their hand out
my perfect hand model will show you what I mean ;)

Place the bauble in their hand and if they are not grasping onto the bauble encourage their hand to cup the bauble so that each finger leaves a painted impression.
Ask your child to slowly and carefully let go (so as not to smear the paint).
Hang bauble to dry.
Super fast wash the painty hand with the cloth before it grabs ahold of anything!
I repeated this process on the other side of the bauble once the first impression was dry.

When bauble is completely dry, draw your snow family some faces and give them some character with hats or simple clothes such as a vest or accessories like a scarf or necklace. Make them your own!

Pop your child's name and the date they created their work of art on the very bottom, or around the top.
To wrap as gifts I popped the baubles into foil muffin liners and then wrapped in cello tied with a ribbon.

Do you make gifts at Christmas?

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