Saturday, 21 April 2012

Milk and Cookies

Well who doesn't love milk and cookies?

I found this on Kidspot this morning, thought there was a lot of controversy in the comments from many readers.

I personally found it a nice change from their regular ads with the corny school aged kids conversations.

I also found it pro breastfeeding, which to me is a good thing.

But many of the women who responded to this ad talked about the perky boobs, how they couldn't be breastfeeding boobs, the toxicity of the cookie itself, etc...

"This ad has been released by an agency in South Korea for Oreo (a well-known cookie brand). The ad (shown above) shows a baby breastfeeding and has the tag line 'Milk's favourite cookie'"

Are you offended by that teeny bit of nip not covered by the baby's mouth?

Do you think it was just an inside joke at Oreo headquarters? As newsOXY suggests.

Or are you loving the ad, tell me why.

would you be offended if I advertised my cookies like that?

No photo shop here, just yummy natural handmade cookies.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Anzac Biscuits remade gluten free

Hello, is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear there anybody home???

Pretty tacky I know, but everytime I'd go to put our first entry down, I would hear those lines from Pink Floyd in the background of my thoughts. So there they are, and here we are, getting down to business at last.

I thought considering we are coming up to ANZAC day next week (click on the link if you are not true blue Aussie or Kiwi), I would try Anzac bikkis again. Every year I try them, each time a new recipe, and each time I'm dissapointed. They never taste like they did when I was a kid in my mother's kitchen.

This is probably due to the gluten free substitutions we have to make these days, but hey, I'll give it another go.

I  don't know about you, but each time we go see our troops at a service, be it Remembrance Day, a dawn service, or even watching them on the tube, I get a little teary, I can't help it and I have to stop myself from crying, (even now I have tears welling). It just breaks me to know that our boys and girls are out there seeing and doing things no-one should have to.

So this year, if you have never been to a dawn service on ANZAC day, do it, it's just one day, and I know it's a public holiday and you have the day off work, and you want to sleep in... but it is a public holiday for us to collectively stop, think, remember, appreciate and realise our lives could be a very different life without the sacrifices these kids have made (and seriously if you have been down to the War Memorial, seeing the pictures of our soldiers, fighting the wars, they are just kids).
So say thank you.
It's actually a real nice feeling.
this is Mr3 admiring and wearing his great grandfather's medals on 11/11/11 in Canberra at the Remembrance Day Ceremony
(my apologies, I cannot figure how to rotate this photo) 


Don't be a pussy.

Oh yeah and try making some ANZAC bikkis for all those mothers, and wives and everyone who sent their troops these bikkis to keep them going in those undescribable conditions, and even the soldiers who made them on the battlefront (remarkable- I know!).

This recipe (by Julie Hughes) I found in Men's Fitness (it has Corpral Ben Roberts-Smith on the cover, a pretty good read) albeit slightly modified to suit gluten free.

ANZAC biscuits (cookies)                                                     170C/338F ,10-12m, approx 30 cookies
Large mixing bowl
saucepan (or microwave)
baking tray/ cookie sheet
baking paper

1 1/4C Flour (I used my gluten free mix)
1C oats (I used a cup of quinoa flakes)
3/4C coconut
1/2C sugar
2T golden syrup (a big T for a Tablespoon)
150g butter
1/2t bicarb soda (a little t for a teaspoon)
1 1/2T water


Preheat your oven to 170C

Combine, Flour, Quinoa and coconut in the Large mixing bowl

On Low heat melt syrup and butter.

Mix together bicarb and water, add to melted butter.

Mix wet and dry together until completly combined

Roll tablespoons of the mix on a baking tray lined with baking paper, and flatten slightly (mixture will spread when cooked)

Bake about 12m (keep your eye on them as every oven's temperature keeps differently)

These are definitly not the cookies of my childhood, but they pass as ANZAC biscuits.

I think that next time I make these I might have to change the recipe up a little, to give a bit more flavour. (although my Mum assures me these are flavoursome.

Julie has also put some 'make it healthier tips' next to the recipe, but not so sure about those. I would however like to try this recipe using coconut oil in place of the butter, and swapping out the sugar for a substitute, don't know what just yet...

What do you think??