Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Craft Swap!!

Excitement Plus right now!!

I applied to be part of the the CHA (Contemporary Handmade Alliance) Craft swap. To be completely honest I only knew about it when they announced application via email last week....
Check it out You guys  should do it too!!

Still...I'm very excited, and have been allocated a swap buddy with whom I made contact with yesterday. She makes the most adorable little kids clothes, you should so check them out on her website prettypickings, she uses gorgeous vintage fabrics, embroidery and applique.

So the deal is:
You each make and swap an item that you would price between $30 and $50.

Create an item for an adult- well for your swap partner (doesn't have to be what you make in your store, you can try something new!)

Send them off to their new home before the end of the July.

Then wait by the mailbox...for your little parcel!!!

So the question is what will I make for her?? I could do a whole bunch of new lines I'd like to try out, or I could send off a batch of the top sellers, or try something completely different.
I already posed the question to my swap buddy and she hasn't got anything in mind yet, (although she has admired the decorated oreos) sooo.... what do you think?

The second part to that question is should I ask for something specific, or leave it up to my swap buddy. I always have something that is waiting to be sewn- like the bunting I need to make for the market, I could just ask for that, or be like a kid at Christmas waiting for the unknown.


Thursday, 14 June 2012

Markets and new brown boots- or red?

 So on Saturday was our second market and boy was it frosty!

And I mean so frosty that no one got out of bed 'till 11am! So frosty that the grass was ice, so frosty that I didn't have feeling in my toes until 11:30-Seriously! But that's what it's all about- the whole experience.

Our stall is right next to an organic veggie stall, and they are usually half packed up by the time 11:30 rolls around, well not on Saturday. At first I thought I saw a few people here and there, going to get their coffee (which is the most delightful smell ever!), but now when I think back, they were probably just stall holders getting their coffees...

Sadly a photo from last time, each time I went to take photos, I was distracted by customer conversation- I suppose that is good and bad

Well when 11am hit it was like a swarm of bees, there were people everywhere, buzzing here and there tasting my treats with their fresh coffee, getting their goodies from the market.

Note to self, make the samples smaller!!

I also had a lot of calls at this time, Darling Dada was taking care of our babies, and it seems that Bunny's feet had grown since Wednesday. Dada could not find a pair of shoes to fit her, he was calling me to ask where her shoes were, in the end he was able to pop her feet in her sandals, and packed her gumboots for outside play (it's still quite muddy out).

So this meant that new shoes were on the list this week, I have actually been looking for some winter shoes for her for a little while and just not been satisfied with the options.

Sometimes I just need a push.

So after playgroup daddy wrote saying could we pick up a drink and a snack for him. We all had a nice lunch with Dada (the whole time Bunny sat on Dada's lap, ate his lunch and then snuggled- super cute), Brother Bear sat on my lap eating his avocado baby bento.
We headed back into Bowral afterwards. They have a Rivers and Target Country there, but neither had shoes her size. I did see the little kids shoes shop had 25% off and decided to go inside.

Well you should have seen the range, and if I had $120 in my budget for toddlers shoes I would have tried these awesome cowboy- well cowgirl boots on her....sadly that is far from our shoe budget.

Toddler Western Boot - Brown D
One not unlike this adorable one, and this would so go with everything!

The gorgeous lady in the store sized Bunny's foot, and we looked at the options inside. But I had my eye on this sweet little brown boot on the table out front. They fit perfect with a little room left for growing, I was very happy, but starting at $65.... then at 25% off, $48.20, I was still unsure.
The other shoe was brought out from the box, and it was found that the shoes were actually supposed to be red! A beautiful bright red. So with one boot red, and the other faded to a sweet brown, they were further reduced on the spot to $25, I couldn't resist.
Red and                       Brown...

And you tell me, are these sweet or what?

I kinda want some in my size- is that bad?

And she loves them, and they are a perfect fit, what more could I have asked for in a pinch!

Monday, 11 June 2012

Escape the City- 1000 Steps and Some Fresh Air!

The long weekend calls for a bit of fun, catching up with friends, catching up on cleaning and washing (if only this wasn't the case!), and a chance to escape the city!

So after completing the first three items, today (Queen's birthday here in the Eastern Australian states) was a chance to get out of the city and get some fresh air. The boyfriend and I decided to head to the Dandenongs to do the Kokoda Memorial Track and 1000 Steps. Many friends have told me about it so thought it was finally time to get out there and do the walk.

And many other people seemed to have the same idea because it was so busy. After all the recent rain it was muddy and slippery but oh so beautiful.

Stunning cool temperate forest
So while we were rugged up with bushwalking gear on, there were all types doing the 1000 steps. Fitness fanatics in their latest Lulu Lemon and Nike gear, tourists wearing brand new white sneakers, and city folk in trendy suede boots and long flowing dresses. I am not sure if everyone was prepared for the wet muddy grounds but very glad we rugged up as it was very cold out of the light of the sun.

A very old very big tree
After skipping the 1000 Steps on the way up, not because I was worried about making it, but because it was so busy, we wandered off onto the 'Nature Track', where we stumbled across this very big tree. There was hardly anyone around so we took our time to take in the scenery. At the top we came across 'One Tree Hill' which reminded me a lot of that TV Show with the same name.

Someone with a sense of humour added this sign "This is the one".
So I think this is the tree One Tree Hill was named after.
After walking back down the 1000 Steps, we were worn out and ready for a big dinner. So, on the menu tonight, care of one very talented man in the kitchen, was Moroccan Inspired Lamb Meatballs.

Meat Balls
500g lamb mince
1 egg
1 cloves of garlic, finely chopped
1 tsp cumin
1 tsp cayenne pepper
1 tsp paprika
1/3 cup rice crumbs
2 tbsp chopped fresh thyme
plain flour
2 tbsp olive oil


1 brown onion, diced
2 cloves garlic, finely chopped

3 tbsp tomato paste
1 can diced tomatoes
1/2 cup bolognese sauce
1/2 tsp cumin
1/2 tsp cayenne pepper
1/2 tsp paprika

To make the meat balls, combine the lamb mince, egg, garlic, spices, rice crumbs and thyme in a bowl until it comes together. If needed, add more rice crumbs until a good consistency is created. On a clean bench sprinkle plain flour. Form the meat mixture into 3-4cm diameter balls and roll in the plain flour. When all balls are finished, heat a pan to medium heat with the olive oil and cook the balls.

When all the balls are cooked, add the extra onion and garlic to the pan and cook for a further 2-3 minutes or until brown. Add the tomato paste, bolognese sauce and spices to the pan and cook for 10 minutes.

Serve with pasta. Mmmmm!

Moroccan inspired lamb meat balls and a glass of vino tinto!
What a great end to a long weekend!