Monday, 14 January 2013


Since our babies we have been giving Hand made Christmas gifts to family. Each year I like to try something new and change things up a little with what we've learnt over the year and this year just gone was no different.

Sometimes I feel as though we are being tight, but when I actually calculate the budget and time it takes to make, I know there's a whole lotta love going into each parcel.
This year I have been asked by a couple of people for the how to on the the no-grain-ola we made this year.

It was easy, yet time consuming, so be prepared to make a day of it-and some!

This year I found out about activating your nuts. Apparently if you consume activated nuts your body is easily able to digest all their goodness. However if you just eat them straight up (without activation) you are not getting nearly all they have to give (and all that is just passing through- so to speak!).

So do it! get them activated.

Instructions for Soaking and Dehydrating:

Raw Almonds*, Macadamia Nuts, Peanuts, or Pecans

- Mix 4 cups of nuts in a bowl with 2-3 teaspoons of unrefined sea salt and enough water to cover the nuts. Soak for 7-12 hours.

- Strain the nuts, then spread them out on a large pan and dry in a warm oven for 12-24 hours.

But don't worry too much if they're not completely dried out, because you'll be drying the whole lot out after you mix it all in together.
Photo: Who like granola?
About 8C Activated Nuts
(I used macadamias, almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts and pistachios- I needed a little green reference, it was Christmas after all).

100g pepitas

110g sunflower seeds

1.25kg quinoa flakes

200ml of coconut oil

100g honey or your choice of sweetener (sweeten to taste, this might be a bit much for you, or not enough- it was just right for us)

To be stirred in after toasting:
400g dried cranberries (I used these for Christmas colour, they gave a nice tart/sweet balance, but you can use any small dried fruit like blueberries, or sultanas or mix it up)


In the biggest bowl you can find (or do two batches), mix together the activated chopped nuts (I put mine in a snap bag and beat them with a rolling pin- satisfying and gets the job done quickly. This was the part my kids loved the most!), the seeds and the Quinoa flakes (also a seed) until well combined.

next melt the coconut oil (I did mine in the microwave) and mix in the honey while it is still warm. Stir the nut mixture as you drizzle in the honey coconut oil mixture (I did this easily using my stand mixer and paddle attachment, but this can be done by hand).

Once completely combined (it should be a little sticky/ clumpy- but not too much, if it's not to your liking, repeat last step until you get the texture you desire) spread evenly over lined baking sheets (I needed 4 large) and pop them in the oven again. Depending on how toasted you like your granola is how long to leave in.

Put the oven on fan forced with the door slightly ajar to let any steam left in your nuts out- and to fill your house with the delicious smell of freshly roasted No-Grain-ola!
Photo: Me like granola... umm I mean No-Grain-olatotally grain, gluten, dairy free and you can make it easily vegan tooRecipe and how to coming on Twolicious.blogspot
Fill your sterile pint sized jars and share the love with your family and friends too (just make sure there are no nut allergies!)

This is a totally open ended recipe. Feel free to make substitutions wherever you like!

From my kitchen to yours, go forth and make this No-Grain-ola yours!
Photo: Um.. Who's in for a light morning tea break?
Parfait! Everybody loves Parfait (name that movie!)


  1. i adore parfaits. they are easy to put together and taste so light and tasty.

    i didn't know about that link between nutrient absorption and nuts... thanks for sharing that :)

    1. I know- strange factoid with nuts, all these years I thought I was eating healthy nuts- and I wasn't!
      I love how fancy a parfait can look, especially when it's so easy.
      Thank you cake whiz, I enjoy a read of your blog too.