Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Coeliac Awareness Week: Three Ducks Gourmet Gluten Free Food

I have to admit that after 7 years of gluten free eating, I am always experimenting with gluten free baking and cooking (sometimes with disastrous results), but I rarely buy many ready made products, mostly due to their cost. So when my sister told me about an open night with product tastings at some place called Three Ducks in Richmond ("that's close to you isn't it?" she said), I thought, what have I got to lose...plus I get free food!

After detouring to Richmond on my way home, I entered Three Ducks Gluten Free Gourmet Food and the place had a buzz. There were people everywhere in this beautifully presented little shop, with so many different and new products that I had never seen before. It was exciting to discover so many fantastic products.

The most delicious marshmallows. So much better than that squishy stuff from the supermarket.

On taste were a number of Easter inspired treats, all displayed on stunning vintage plates (sourced from Minettes Vintage just up the road). There were Easter cookies, a chocolate gingerbread loaf, marshmallow hearts, and of course (the reason I came) Jane's gluten free hot cross buns. I must admit that they were all amazing, and not having eaten marshmallows in so many years, they were a real treat, but what I couldn't believe was how great the hot cross buns were. The last couple of years I have searched for GF hot cross buns, and have been forced to purchase the only options available in Thomas Dux. While I have previously been happy to have something that sort of resembles a hot cross bun, never again will I purchase the inferior supermarket varieties that are hard-as-a-rock and get stuck in your throat, needing a drink to wash it down (I mean really, how do these products even make it onto the shelf?!).

Decorated Easter cookies. Yum! And that gorgeous detailed plate from Minettes Vintage. Ali runs pop up high teas using these beautiful plates so I will be on the look out for the next high tea at Three Ducks!

Jane's hot cross buns really are worth the trip over to Three Ducks. After waiting a few minutes for some to be heated I couldn't believe how soft, light and delicious they were! Not too much fruit or spice...just right! Yum! You can order yours for Easter now and pick them up in store. It's never too early to have hot cross buns!

The mind, brilliance and passion behind Three Ducks is the wonderful Ali. I can't thank Ali enough for giving me a mini tour around her shop. Hearing her enthusiasm for fantastic gluten free products was really refreshing. Having moved from Sydney to Melbourne almost 3 years ago, I absolutely fell in love with the food this city has on offer, but not having any gluten free comrades to share my quest for amazing gluten free food, I do it alone. I realised that there is a whole gourmet gluten free society in Melbourne that I have been missing out on, and Ali is keeping everyone happy with her continual search for fantastic products.

Pumpkin bread- thanks for finding this bread Ali and thanks for the recommendation. So soft and light.  Bread made by Black Ruby.

I can't finish this blog without mentioning the amazing bread that Ali has sourced. I have never seen anything like it- gluten free bread that is the same size as regular bread. A normal sized loaf! Bread that is soft and light (not dense and cakey), tastes delicious, and allows you to create a sandwich (I mean one that you can fit the normal amount of fillings on and it won't crumble apart). It's a miracle! This bread is from Black Ruby in Carlton. Their cafe is definitely on my list to try for breakfast very soon.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw how big this loaf was.

 I could have bought the whole shop, but seeing as I knew I had to move on the weekend, I refrained. But I will be back! All products are tried and tested by Ali, so you know that whatever you get, it will be good...not like the products you sometimes find in the supermarket!

Now to order some delicious hot cross buns! Jump online to see what Ali has on offer and you can even order online. Sadly, the hot cross buns are in store only.

My first real sandwich in 7 years. I was in heaven!


  1. Three Ducks is an amazing providore, I am not gluten free and I buy lots of fantastic products from them because they are delicious!

  2. Ooow this just makes me so envious! I would love to have access to such great products- and people who care so much about gf to make it their life!