Friday, 4 October 2013

Frocktober 2013

Frocktober is on, and frocks are going on.

I didn't actually know much about this until my littlest cousin (umm she's in her 20's now, but she's still the littlest!) enlightened me last year.
Here's Kimmy, frockin' it like you knew she could.
I love it,
I love the idea of frocking things up a little,
I love the cause behind it too. Cancer just seems to take too many people before we are ready for them to go.
So, show your support, and if like me you really don't have many frocks to get your own frocktober going, get out there and support our everyday heroes. Like Kimmy.

As I'm not the avid frocker, I'm supporting Kimmy in an edible frockin kinda way!

My personal fave is the Piet Mondrian dress, I love the mod look (the Mod look does not love me back, however)

When Kimmy approached me to show some support, there was an option of using my regular range or doing something really special. So when I thought about it, frocks I mean, I wanted something that would grab you a little, not because it was incredibly eye catching, but because it was familiar.

Audrey Hepburn, she's totally sigh worthy.

I started with a board on Pinterest, just pinning frocks that I thought were iconic. Those frocks that make you remember a moment in time. Significant people who were just killer in frocks, and totally iconic in their own right.

Do you think this could be the most famous dress of all time?

 Oh yeah, you can buy these cookies if you like! All will be donated to Kimmy's page
iconic dresses, theGFCookie
I think I did this one for my own selfish pleasure, I just LOVE Bjork, her music, her love for her culture and appreciation of the quirky. I still think this was really a beautiful dress, even though she ended up on the worst dressed list. Boo!

theGFCookie, frocktober 2013, iconic dresses, cookies
Yep, just for me...
But When you do something for someone else (like donate to Frocktober) you kinda are doing something for you, and your sisters, and everyone who loves you.

Go Kimmy- you rock... I mean Frock! We Love you and what you do, x

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